Monday, 31 October 2016

Webscraper from PeacockMedia - usage

I've had one or two questions about using WebScraper. There's a short demo video here  but if, like me, you prefer to cast your eye over some text and images rather than sit through a video, then here you go:

1. Type your website address (or starting url for the scan). Like Integrity / Scrutiny (Webscraper uses the same engine) the crawl will be limited to any 'directory' implied in the url.

2. Hit Go. The way this works (currently) is that the app crawls your site, then when complete, you choose  what and how you want to export your data.
3. When the scan is complete, the export options will open. Choose the format you want to export (currently csv, json) and which information you want to include. This can include various meta data or information extracted from the pages, by span or div, class or id.

4. If the output file isn't as you expected, then you can tinker with the output options without needing to crawl again. Just use the Export button on the Main (crawl) window.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

A sneak peek at some of the new features of Scrutiny v7

Scrutiny v7 is still very much in progress and being shaped, but here's a sneak preview, in case you'd like to feed back or make suggestions.

I demonstrate in the video:

 - document based (multiple windows open at once)
 - organise your websites into folders
 - simpler navigation
 - full autosave (view data for any site you've scanned previously)

[update 14 Dec 16] The beta is now available for download if you'd like to try it:

Friday, 28 October 2016

Scrutiny for Mac - affiliate scheme

My licensing and payment provider is Paddle. They now have an affiliate system up and running, with affiliates earning from the sales they generate.
It seems simple, you register as an affiliate, you'll get notified of any special offers and the all-important link by email. You post that link on a review / blog / article and earn money when people click through and purchase.

You get 20% commission on the sale, and a monthly payout by Paypal or bank transfer.

I'm still getting my head around the best way to use this, but if you'd like to jump on board early (and maybe help shape the way this works out) then here's the registration form.