Saturday 24 March 2018

Earlier in the year I made the business decision to sell our apps via the app store once again. It's working out OK, the store seem to have become much more user-friendly from the back end and we seem to be reaching more people with the apps.

Integrity, Integrity Plus and now the new Integrity Pro are all available at the store for those who prefer to obtain their apps that way, and for those who might not have discovered them otherwise.

Here are the links:

You'll be wondering which one suits you best. There's a handy chart here, which shows a broad outline of features and prices.

Friday 23 March 2018

Bag a bargain! Scrutiny included in Creatable bundle

The Creatable Pick A Bundle 2018 contains 28 varied utilities, including our own Scrutiny website scrutineer. You can choose ten for $39 or all of them for $99.

If you're a user of Philips Hue or LIFX bulbs, our own Mac apps for these lighting systems are also included.

So that's Scrutiny plus nine other useful apps for less than half the regular price of Scrutiny.

Check out the bundle now

Monday 5 March 2018

Open Graph (og:), Twitter Card and more meta data being collected by Integrity Pro and Scrutiny

Yesterday I wrote about the development of Integrity Pro.

One of the enhancements to come in Scrutiny v8 is a load more data about your links and pages,  part of that is the collection of most of the meta data from your pages.

These are some screenshots showing how Integrity Pro displays meta data, as an additional table under SEO, and within the 'page inspector' which pops up when you click one of the pages in the 'links by page' view.

The reporting of og: and twitter card information has been on the Scrutiny enhancement list for a while, and will be in v8 as you see it here in these shots.

Integrity Pro, which also contains this functionality, is now out in full at version 8.0.x

Sunday 4 March 2018

Big news - Integrity Pro

Recently I wrote about the new releases of Integrity and Integrity Plus and how, despite being +2 major version numbers, they're unlikely to get many people this excited.

Something that I hope will light more fires is Integrity Pro! It's not intended as a replacement for Scrutiny, but it will bring the SEO and spellcheck functionality into Integrity and be priced midway between Integrity Plus and Scrutiny.

Thus making it a natural and affordable step for Integrity Plus users. There will be a fair upgrade path for Integrity Plus users, and free for any licensed Scrutiny user who wants the more classic interface and doesn't need the full weight of Scrutiny.

Integrity and Integrity Plus v8 are available now.

Update: Integrity Pro is available in full now.