Monday 5 March 2018

Open Graph (og:), Twitter Card and more meta data being collected by Integrity Pro and Scrutiny

Yesterday I wrote about the development of Integrity Pro.

One of the enhancements to come in Scrutiny v8 is a load more data about your links and pages,  part of that is the collection of most of the meta data from your pages.

These are some screenshots showing how Integrity Pro displays meta data, as an additional table under SEO, and within the 'page inspector' which pops up when you click one of the pages in the 'links by page' view.

The reporting of og: and twitter card information has been on the Scrutiny enhancement list for a while, and will be in v8 as you see it here in these shots.

Integrity Pro, which also contains this functionality, is now out in full at version 8.0.x

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