Thursday 2 February 2017

Scrutiny 7 launched! 50% deal via MacUpdate

After many months in development and more in testing, Scrutiny v7 is now available.

Scrutiny builds on the link tester Integrity. As well as the crawling and link-checking functionality it also handles:

  • SEO - loads of data about each page
  • Sitemap - generate and ftp your XML sitemap (broken into parts with a sitemap index for larger sites)
  • Spelling and grammar check
  • Site search with many parameters including multiple search terms and  'pages that don't contain'
  • Many advanced features such as authentication, cookies, javascript.

The main new features of version 7 are:

  • Multiple windows - have as many windows open as you like to run concurrent scans, view data, configure sites, all at once
  • New UI, includes breadcrumb widget for good indication of where you are, and switching to other screens
  • Organise your sites into folders if you choose
  • Autosave saves data for every scan, giving you easy access to results for any site you've scanned
  • Better reporting - summary report looks nicer, full report consists of the summary report plus all the data as CSV's
  • Many more new features and enhancements

MacUpdate are currently running a 50% discount. [update, now finished, but look out for more]

Note that there's an upgrade path for users of v5 and v6 with a small fee ($20). You can use this form for the upgrade.