Monday 24 September 2012

Running a website check on schedule, sorting data and mining content for SEO keywords

Scrutinty v3 is finished, tested and released.

Although the new version of the webmaster tool suite comes fairly soon after v2, I've decided to make this a major release rather than a point version because there has been some serious work 'under the hood' making the crawl slightly faster and more memory-efficient, some interface improvements such as sorting on all views, and some important new features such as the ability to include content in the keyword count (pictured) or to run on schedule.

I've made a page detailing the new features:

Once more, the web download will be two or three weeks ahead of the App Store. I'm always challenged about this but it's simply because of the long wait for Apple to check it. And if it's rejected for some reason, then there's more work to do before re-submitting.

Any thoughts or questions, do get in touch

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