Thursday 31 January 2013

Faster, higher, stronger

This is Scrutiny v4 checking a very large website. (Integrity 4 and Scrutiny 4 are now both available as release candidates)

The major change is to the engine. You can't see the speed that Integrity is tearing through this site but it's collected 33,000 links and checked 16,000 of them in about 15 mins. And hardly stressing the computer!

I'm dead chuffed with the improvement and also with Scrutiny's new application icon which reflects the fact that it can handle larger sites and process the data more quickly.

Note that in the screenshot Integrity is switched to the settings screen. Both apps will only keep updating the tables of results if they're visible. Constant updating is a big overhead, so switching back to settings screen makes a significant difference.


  1. You have to love a blogger who uses "dead chuffed" in her posts!

  2. Thank you Marian! Our language is a rich one and I can't think of better words for the feeling :-)