Thursday 23 May 2013

Find missing meta tags

[Updated 24 Jun in line with Scrutiny and Integrity Pro v9]

Meta keywords may not be as important now as they used to be, but your meta title is one of the most important SEO factors and your meta description will appear on search result pages and net you click-throughs.

Here's how to check your site to see whether these things are in place using Scrutiny and Integrity.

1. First you need to scan your site. Scrutiny: At the Sites screen, press 'New' and type your starting url. Press 'Next' to see the default settings, press 'Next' again to accept those settings. Press 'Go' beside 'SEO'.

Integrity: Type your starting url into the address bar and press Go. Integrity Plus and Pro, First press the [+] button below the left-hand pane to add a new site.

2. When the crawl has finished, the SEO screen will open

3. Use the Filter box to select 'missing title' or 'missing description'

4. Scrutiny and Integrity Pro have a Meta Data tab under the SEO tab. There are many columns that you can switch onto show various meta data. So if you're interested in the Twitter tags, then you can switch on those columns and see which pages contain those tags or are missing them.

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  1. Useful, thanks! I'm just about to check my site for missing descriptions, so this is very timely.