Thursday 5 September 2013

Update your XML sitemap by FTP on your server using Scrutiny

1. Crawl your site and switch to the Sitemap tab. Make sure that the information is correct. You can use rules to change the priorities and update frequency of your pages or edit those manually. You can use the canonical href to avoid duplicate urls in your sitemap.

2. In Preferences > Sitemap you can choose whether the exported file is saved locally, saved and then ftp'd or just ftp'd.
3. If you've chosen to save locally you'll see a save dialog. Enter a suitable name and location (for saving on your computer) and OK that.

4. If you've chosen to ftp then you'll see the ftp dialog. These details should be saved for future use with the site's settings (if you've already saved a set of settings for this site.)
The server name should be the full name of the server, without the ftp:// scheme. Check whether the root of your website has a directory on your server such as docs or htdocs. These should be the same details as you enter in an ftp application.

5. If the ftp doesn't appear to work, if you open Console (in your Applications > Utilities folder) and try the export again you can see a trace in the Console window.

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