Monday 7 July 2014

Scrutiny v5.2, includes customisable summary report and spell checking

You know when you put something off because something about it just doesn't float your boat, but when you do it you discover it's actually great and works well?

What people have wanted is for Scrutiny to scan a site and produce a report, listing some stats about the site and problems found, also listing the urls of pages needing attention. With a company header so that it can be mailed straight out to a client or manager.

Now that I've done the work and been running it for a while I think it looks great and very useful.

Here's where you switch the feature on, among the list of things that Scrutiny can do on completion.

There are some new boxes in Preferences where you can add your header (as html and css). I've lifted some code from my own website to give my reports this header. The page itself, headings and text are customisable too via the same css.

The summary report contains information about problems found in the following areas: bad links, basic SEO problems, html validation and spelling.

Here's a sneaky peeky at the spelling check too. It allows you to choose language on a per-site basis, it counts spelling / grammar problems as it scans and then allows you to step through the issues on each page and 'learn' any specialist words.

5.2 will be available very shortly as a release candidate. email me if you're keen to try it!

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