Thursday 20 August 2015

Performing a content audit using Scrutiny

I've just seen this post by Sean at SEO Hacker about conducting a content audit.

There's lots of useful advice - checking for keywords in page titles, length of meta description,  length of page title, thin content, grammar check, broken links, avoiding keyword stuffing, images with no alt text.

Sean's article expands on all of these things and is well worth a read.

But he begins by making a spreadsheet listing all of your pages and copy-and-pasting each page title and other information manually.

Scrutiny can do this for you, furthermore, at the touch of a button it can show you pages that may need attention with regard to many of the problems above. (It has a free unrestricted 30-day trial.)

Here's the 'getting started' video once more, which focuses mainly on making a scan but does visit the SEO results from where you can use the filter button and keyword search box to perform the checks above. Or if you like you can export to CSV and open in a spreadsheet to do more of a visual check as Sean suggests, saving you the copying and pasting.

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