Friday 30 October 2015

Scrutiny v6 beta

The most major change isn't a visible one. Scrutiny 6 is fitted with the 'v6 engine' which is faster and more efficient than before.

Robotize has been an experimental app which allows you to see your web pages as a robot does (including search engine bots such as Googlebot). Text-only, linearised, headings as an outline, image alt text etc.

There's a context menu item for robotize within the SEO results table.
Or you can open a robotize window any time from the Tools > Robotize (cmd-3) or from the Tasks screen.

Once open, a robotize window (you can open multiple) functions as a browser, with address bar, forward / back and refresh buttons.
It helps with various WCAG Accessibility Guidelines:
 - See your images listed with alternative text (Guideline 1.1.1)
 - Check your content's information and structure 'linearised' (Guideline 1.3)
 - See your links listed by link text and url (Guideline 2.4.4 & 2.4.9)
 - See headings listed separately and in context (Guideline 2.4.10)

The last main addition is Siteviz. Another previously-experimental app, now more mature and built into Scrutiny.

Integrity and Scrutiny have long exported a .dot (visualisation) file which can be opened using a graphing app. SiteViz is a free (still beta) app which opens such files. Only missing from Scrutiny is SiteViz's 3D theme. (This relies on technology which is 10.7+ and Scrutiny is still supported on 10.6 (Snow Leopard).) For the 3D theme you can still export the site as .dot and open using the free SiteViz.

Otherwise, simply run a scan for Sitemap, then switch to the 'Visualisation' tab

Both the current stable version and the new beta are available at Scrutiny's home page.

The beta is currently free. When the licensing is implemented, v6 will be a free upgrade for existing licence holders.

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