Thursday 21 April 2016

Reselling opportunity - Scrutiny for Mac

Scrutiny is a suite of webmaster tools for Mac.

It extends the link checkers Integrity and Integrity Plus, adding SEO / scraping functionality, spelling and grammar checking (in a choice of languages), sitemap visualisation, page speed analysis, site sucking, scanning sites that require authentication, and much more.

Scrutiny retails for a one-off $95, and I believe it is a serious competitor for other tools that are more expensive or have ongoing charges.

It's a native (ie not Java) desktop app (ie not online). You install the app on your Mac, enter the licence key. You own it and it will always work. (There may be fees for upgrades but I've rarely done this and it would be a major new version.) We offer good support and that's free.

If you're interested in re-selling Scrutiny (you offer the product at a discounted price, and keep a generous share of the sale price) then please contact me.

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