Friday 2 September 2016

Scrutiny v7 - closer!

The new version of Scrutiny for MacOS has now made it off the scraps of paper and as far as a working prototype (as far as the UI is concerned, which is where the major changes are).

The new features are:

  • Organise your sites into folders, with drag and drop to move them around (above)
  • Next and Previous buttons are gone; navigate by simply clicking what you want 
  • A new breadcrumb widget (top-left in the screenshots) allows you to navigate as well as giving a sense of location
  • The growing list of site-specific settings are organised into tabs. These had become so disorganised and ugly with at least two dialogs (advanced and schedules) accessed via buttons
  • Scrutiny becomes document based meaning as many windows open as you like showing different sites (just cmd-N or File-New to open a new window). Make multiple simultaneous scans
  • This also makes better handling of data, with windows remembering their state and their data (if autosave switched on)
  • Improved flow - From the summary / settings screen choose to make a new scan, view existing data (if available) or load data. Only after the scan do you choose which results you want to view. 

There will be few changes to the link checking, SEO check, sitemap and other functionality.

If you would like to have a click around this prototype and feed back, please just ask.

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