Friday 30 December 2016

Full release of Webscraper

WebScraper, our utility for crawling a site and extracting data or archiving content, is now out of beta.

There have been some serious enhancements over recent months, such as the ability to 'whitelist' (only crawl) pages containing a search term, the ability to extract multiple classes / id's (as separate fields in the output file) and a class/id helper which allows you to visually choose the divs or spans for extraction.

Now that the earlier beSta is about to expire, it's time to make all of this a full release. The price is a mere 5 US Dollars, for a licence which doesn't expire. The trial period is 30 days and the only limitation is that the output file has a limited number of rows so that you can still evaluate its output.

Find out more and download the app here, and if you try it and have any questions or requests, there's a support form here.

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