Wednesday 29 May 2019

Press Release - Scrutiny 9 Launched

Scrutiny version 9 is now fully released. It is a free update for v7 or v8 licence holders. There is a small upgrade fee for holders of a v5 / v6 licence. Details here:

The major new features are as follows:
  • Improved Link and Page inspectors. New tabs on the link inspector show all of a url's redirects and any warnings that were logged during the scan.

  • Warnings. A variety of things may now be logged during the scan. For example, a redirect chain or certain problems discovered with the html. If there are any such issues, they'll be highlighted in orange in the links views, and the details will be listed on the new Warnings tab of the Link Inspector.
  • Rechecking. This is an important part of your workflow. Check, fix, re-check. You may have 'fixed' a link by removing it from a page, or by editing the target url. In these cases, simply re-checking the url that Scrutiny reported as bad will not help. It's necessary to re-check the page that the link appeared on. Now you can ask Scrutiny to recheck a url, or the page that the url appeared on. And in either case, you can select multiple items before choosing the re-check command.
  • Internal changes. There are some important changes to the internal flow which will eliminate certain false positives.
  • Reporting. The summary of the 'full report' is customisable (in case you're checking a customer's site and want to add your own branding to the report). You now have more choice over which tables you include in csv format with that summary.

A full and detailed run-down of version 9's new features is here:

More general information about Scrutiny is here:

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