Tuesday 10 March 2020

Changes to nofollow links : sponsored and ugc attributes : how to check your links

Google announced changes last year to the way they'd like publishers to mark nofollow links.

The rel attribute can also contain 'sponsored' or 'ugc' to indicate paid links and user-generated content. A while ago, nofollow links were not used for indexing or ranking purposes. But this is changing. Google will no longer treat them as a strict instruction to not follow or index.

This article on moz.com lists the changes and how these affect you.

As from version 9.5.6 of Integrity (including Integrity Plus and Pro) and version 9.5.7 of Scrutiny, These apps allow you to see and sort your links according to these attributes.

There was already a column in the links views for 'rel' which displayed the content of the rel attribute, and a column for 'nofollow' which displayed 'yes' or 'no' as appropriate. Now there are new columns for 'sponsored' and 'ugc' (also displaying yes/no for easy sorting). Many of the views have a 'column' selector . If visible, these columns will be sortable and they'll be included in csv exports.

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