Thursday 9 December 2021

Electronic Dice with the Pi Pico

This was my first project with the Pi Pico. It's a 'Hello World' for hardware/software.

The real reason for two buttons is that I already had the box drilled and fitted with the two buttons for a different project. It made sense to switch the power using an arcade button, because it's automatically switched off when you let go of it. The second button grounds the 'run' of the Pico, which means that it performs the shuffle and display once more. In reality, just the one power button would do, because letting go of that and pressing it again does the same thing as the 'run again' button.

I wrote the software in Micropython because this was my introduction to the Pico. More recent projects use C which suits me much better.

* That should probably be electronic die, because one die is shuffled and displayed. The pico has enough pins to shuffle and display 3 dice, and probably many more with a bit of logic to decode the binary numbers 0-6 (3 GPIO pins) to 7 LEDs.

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