Tuesday 5 March 2013

Organise Report Builder Tutorial - getting started

This tutorial is to help you get started with Report Builder for Organise, a free app which is included in the .dmg for Organise Pro version 6.2, available very shortly.

If you work through this tutorial with me, you'll understand how to create and save a report, how to select records to appear in your report and create some columns.

This simple example report will display a list of all items in your database which have a quantity of zero or less.

1. Open the Report Builder application. It'll be ready to start creating a new report

2. Choose to 'Select from' Items

3. Press Add to add a selection criteria ('Where'). Choose 'qty' as the field name, 'is less than' for the operator and type '1' as shown here. (We need to say 'less than one' because Organise Reports don't currently offer 'equals or less than'. If you know that no items have a negative quantity then you could say 'equals 0'). OK that.

4.  Press Add to add a column. Choose 'Item name' as the heading, 'item' as the field and 400 as the width. OK that and then add another with 'Qty' as the heading, 'qty' as the field and 100 as the width. OK that. You can adjust the widths now if you like, and even re-order them by drag-and-drop.

This is what the report looks like so far:

5. Choose File>Save (or cmd-S) and name your report 'Out of stock items'. OK that.

6a. If you're on Organise Pro version earlier than 6.2, quit Organise if it's running and then open it again. You should see your new report in the Reports list. Run it to check that it works.

6b. If you're on Organise Pro v6.2 onwards, just press 'Run' (or File > Run Report or cmd-R) to update Organise with your new report and run it.

7 Once the report is run, note that you can sort the columns by clicking on the headers. You can also export in a number of formats such as .csv to open it in a spreadsheet application.

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