Thursday 1 August 2013

Categorising your items in Organise

Organise v7.1 adds categories to Items. Items can be in one or more categories, or none. If you don't need to use categories then just ignore the categories box and all will work as before.

1. Categorising your items

You can type a category into individual items. For more than one category, separate using a comma:  

Alternatively, you can set the category for more than one item by selecting them (hold down shift to select more than one item in the table, use the search box to find your items, ctrl-click or right-click to call this context menu): 

Note that you can  remove multiple items from a category using the same method. To remove a category completely, choose it from the Filter box, select all items in the list and use the Remove menu item.

2. Using categories

The filter drop-down box will contain all the categories that you have entered. Simply select a category to see all items in that category. Alternatively you can type the category into the search box:

When adding an Item to an Order, you can type a category into the search box:

Reports that work on your inventory can now be tweaked to select items from a category:

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