Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Voucher codes / coupon codes for Scrutiny and Integrity Plus

This is an experiment; if you've found this post then please go ahead and use either of these codes, you're very welcome.

I'm very keen to know whether people try Googling to find voucher codes for these apps. Eventually this blog post will be buried within the blog but hopefully can be found by searching for 'voucher code for Scrutiny' or voucher code for Integrity Plus.

I'll obviously be able to see how many people have viewed this post and how many people have used the codes. And that's all I ask. Go ahead!

50% Voucher code / coupon code for Scrutiny for Mac


50% Voucher code / coupon code for Integrity Pro for Mac


50% Voucher code / coupon code for Integrity Plus for Mac


Use these codes in the checkout window within the app, or by using the 'Buy' button on the respective home pages:


Integrity Pro

Integrity Plus

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