Wednesday 11 April 2018

Migrating from Integrity Plus to Integrity Pro

I'm gathering all of this information together so that it's all in one place.


If you're an Integrity Plus user, the newer Integrity Pro offers:

Upgrade fee

If you're interested in upgrading from Plus to Pro then you'll only need to pay the difference between the full current price of the two apps. The Integrity Pro upgrade form is here.

Migrating your website configurations

This is very new, by the time you read this, the necessary feature should exist within the current versions of Integrity Plus and Pro.

Making sure you're on at least 8.0.8 (8.0.86) of the source application (Integrity Plus) you can export all of your website configurations in one batch, or selected ones individually. Save the resulting file somewhere where you can easily find it.

Again making sure you're on at least 8.0.8 (8.0.86) of the destination application (Integrity Pro) use File > Open to open the file that you just saved. Integrity Pro should do the rest and your websites should appear in the list on the left.  If there are any problems, contact support.

Here are some screenshots showing Integrity Pro in action.


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