Thursday 21 June 2018

Small but important enhancement to Scrutiny's 'insecure content' reporting

An example came to light this week of a link from an https:// to an insecure page on the same domain that Scrutiny had been missing.

If you're scanning a secure site, Scrutiny can help you migration to a secure site by reporting links to insecure pages, and also pages which use mixed / insecure content (js, css, image files which are http://).

A full article about using Scrutiny to help find mixed / insecure content is here.

In this case, the target of a link was secure, but that link was redirecting to an insecure page. This particular situation had gone unreported in the insecure content table simply because of the order that Scrutiny was doing things.

Scrutiny 8.1.2 contains this and some other fixes / enhancements

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