Wednesday 6 June 2018

WWDC18. Who is Number 1?!

For the record, I think Craig is a superstar, and I'm genuinely into the dark mode and dynamic desktops.

But Monday's WWDC left many questions unanswered, like why were the guys on stage all wearing those shoes with the white soles? Was it a tribute to Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner, where the purpose of 'The Village' was to break Number 6's will to be an individual? Surely not.

Seriously though, MacOs Mojave (which sounds close enough to Mojito to raise my pulse)  excited me more than any new OS since Mavericks. The cartoon's more about the fact that the latest, most breathtaking technology is carried around in people's pockets for the most trivial purposes (singing poop emoji, anyone?) More of that another time.

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