Tuesday 21 September 2021

First look at new app LinkDoc (for testing links within locally-stored pdf or docx documents)

One of the most frequently-asked questions on the Integrity support desk is how to test the links within a local document (.pdf or .doc). It should be possible with Scrutiny, it can parse a pdf or doc but only when Scrutiny encounters it as part of a website crawl.

Rather than shoehorn the functionality into the existing apps, this sounds more like a job for a 'single button' app built for this one purpose. Here it is.

It happens that I'm well into a ground-up rewrite of the Integrity / Scrutiny crawling engine. It's at the point where it runs. There's plenty to do, but for parsing a single page (document in this case) and checking the links, it should be fine. Of course as the 'V12 engine' develops, then any apps that use it, such as the new LinkDoc will receive those updates.

If you'd like to try it, it's available for download now. It's free but in return, please contact us with any problems or suggestions.

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