Thursday 23 October 2014

Album cover art screensaver

Download Screensleeves now - pay what you like in November 

ScreenSleeves has a genuine 5-star rating on MacUpdate, one reviewer commenting that it's the feature missing from iTunes.

If you use other music players, the list of other players Screensleeves currently supports include Spotify, Snowtape, Ecoute and now Rdio.

I love album artwork. Back in the day album covers were 12" square and some really were works of art. Did you used to prop the album cover beside the record player?

The CD cover was smaller, and for downloads the cover is no longer physical. But bands still put much effort into good album artwork and how better to display it while you're not working than with a screensaver?

Screensleeves has several themes including a new full-screen theme with Ken Burns effect.

Why not download and try it right now? The only limitation is a small 'please support' message. Between 1 and 7 of November you can register and lose that message by paying whatever you like. Your key will be emailed to you after you've donated.

This offer has now finished. ScreenSleeves has reverted to its original and very reasonable donation amount of 4.95 sterling.

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