Friday 17 October 2014

How to spell check a website

This article uses Scrutiny for Mac which has a 30-day free trial. Integrity Pro has the spell-checking functionality but not grammar.

1. select the site from the site list, or click New to add the site. Click Next.

2. In the settings, check 'Spelling' and (if you like) 'Grammar'. If your language isn't selected in the drop-down list, select that. Click Next

3. Click 'Scan now' in Scrutiny or 'Go' in Integrity Pro. You'll see a progress bar as it scans your site.

4. When the results appear, you can sort the table by any of the columns including number of spelling and number of grammar issues. Double-click a page to open a dialogue to step through the issues with the usual stuff; suggestions and 'Learn'.


  1. You can also use this online spell check , it's easier to use than Scrutiny

  2. Thanks Alexis. Looks pretty pricey though. (Looks as if a one-off scan of a 500 page site costs the same as a lifetime Scrutiny licence.)

    v7 of Scrutiny is in progress and it will have some great usability improvements.