Friday 30 January 2015

Integrity Plus - free for the first week of Feb

A few weeks ago, Integrity Plus came out and quietly took its place between the free Integrity website link checker and much pricier Scrutiny. Read more about the background.

So, to now give it the launch that it deserved, for a limited time you'll be able to grab a licence for the new Integrity Plus for free.

Integrity is the best free link checker for Mac, fast, accurate, efficient but no-frills. Integrity Plus adds some frequently-requested features - the ability to manage the settings for multiple sites, and the XML Sitemap functionality (generate, export, ftp) and a few more benefits too.

The offer ran till 7 Feb 2015 and is now finished. But you still get a free, unrestricted trial of Integrity Plus and if you like it, the price is very modest.

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