Sunday 1 February 2015

Do me a favour, Mac App Store!

So I have to choose between English and UK English...?

I'm in England. England / English....  Please let's have English for those of us in England, and US English for those in the US.

I wish this were the least of my problems with the App Store.

1 comment:

  1. It's a curious thing!.. have they done this to make nationality easier for us Brits?

    How many times have you gone up and down a list like this wondering whether you should be searching for UK, British, Great Britain or English? This is compounded in an alphabetically sorted list by having USA at the frickin top!!

    ** What's this,.. scrolling too arduous for you lazy yanks? **

    Looking at little at language selection and meanings in iTunes, the different nationalities have different languages assigned to them (ie Australia = UK English), so by selecting "English" I suspect you are selecting your language but NOT declaring your nationality or language localisations.

    But if you choose 'English' you might end up being bundled up as US English as the default. We have to put up with that so much already with spell checkers insisting I spell certain words with a "Zed".

    Annoying aint it!?