Friday 20 February 2015

Printing customer address labels from Organise

Following a recent survey to find out which feature(s) users were looking for in Organise, the small business app has gained label printing functionality.

The simplest way to use this is to select from your contacts list by choosing a category or typing a keyword in the search box. (Or just print them all).

The built-in report called 'Current customers' will list all customers for orders with an incomplete status.

For more advanced searches such as "Billing contacts for orders still unpaid" or "Billing contacts for orders placed within certain date range" it'll be necessary to use Reports and Organise's  special Report Builder tool. (I'm always happy to help with this).

Rather than attempt to offer a list of presets for label sizes and layouts, Organise has a few boxes for things like padding around the labels and page margins (and obviously the number of labels on the page). I've tried to keep this as simple as possible but being able to print onto any page of sticky labels.

For email campaigns, the new Announce app will send individual emails using Apples Mail app using a list of email address (and optionally names etc for merging). You can generate the mailing list from Organise using Reports, but in the near future I'm hoping to merge this functionality into Organise and make it simple to use.

The new version of Organise containing the label printing functionality is in testing but not released yet. If you'd like to test it, please contact

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