Wednesday 4 March 2015

Organise v8 - ready for business

Shiela calling Orson...

It's been a milestone day today. After much hard work, a new version of small-business app Organise (v8) is tested, in real-life use here in the PM HQ and available to users as a release candidate.

Following a survey last year, some frequently-requested features are now built-in; address label printing, email list export, time logging. I'm not a fan of Yosemite's completely bare and flat look (to say the least) but Organise has had its interface tweaked a little and I like the cleaner look.

Version 8 is not only about features within the app. The .dmg now contains two other apps, the Report Builder tool, and Announce, a tool to send out bulk emails individually via your Apple Mail client.

Also accompanying the new version and gone live today is a User Forum. is intended to replace the support form, the FAQs page and maybe even the manual. It would be great to see users discussing issues and ideas between themselves. Bugs and issues posted there will be answered quickly and publicly which will be helpful to others and the 'How do I...?' section will eventually build up into a useful knowledge base.

This will be Organise's year. The user forum will help to shape Organise and the next major project on the list is an iPad checkout interface, either standalone or as a companion for Organise.

Shiela signing out. Nanu Nanu.

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