Thursday 5 March 2015

How to "Raise an invoice" using Organise for OSX

"How do I raise an invoice" is a frequently asked question.

Many people use that phrase to describe what they do when a new customer places an order or asks them to do something.

In Organise, there isn't a button that says 'Raise an invoice', but the 'Order' is the form that holds all of the information about such a transaction. It has a sequential reference number (order number/invoice number) it holds the billing and/or delivery addresses, the items or services that the customer has ordered and finally it generates the paperwork (invoice / delivery note / whatever) using all of that information

So New Order is what you're looking for (either the toolbar button, File > New > Order or the plus button underneath the list of Orders). Then fill in all the details. This can be done very quickly and if you've done everything properly, generating paperwork and generating reports and accounts will be a cinch.

If you don't like the term 'Order' then you can go to Preferences > Terms and change it to 'Sale', 'Transaction', 'Job' or whatever else you like.

I'd suggest avoiding switching it to 'Invoice' because in Organise, the 'Invoice' is a record of an invoice that you have received. (these feed into the 'Money out' section of your accounts). Plus, the invoice is something you generate from that Order.

Besides this quick video there's a more comprehensive step-by-step tutorial here.

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