Thursday 4 June 2015

Internal backlinking

The graphs for this website's sitemap are unusual and very attractive.

Here's the 'Daisy' themed graph. perhaps more attractive but maybe less obvious what's going on.

So what *is* going on here? Upon investigation (aka switching on labels by clicking a button in the toolbar)...

... the 2015 pages are all linked from a page, two clicks from home, called 2015 (and only from that page). On that page is a link to a page called 2014 an on that page are links to all 2014 pages plus a link to 2013 pages and so on.

Visiting any of these pages makes it clearer. This is an unusual kind of pagination, a little like scrolling to the bottom of some content and clicking 'more' to load older content. From a user point of view it does work very well. Everything's really obvious, no-one's going to struggle to find the older content, it'll just take more clicks.

So is this a problem? The pages are all discoverable, so no problem there. But some might say that this site isn't making the best exploitation of internal backlinking. In this particular case I don't think it matters, these are reports going back in time, it's unlikely that a visitor is as interested in older reports than the newer ones.

Any other thoughts on the analysis of these graphs or thin internal backlinking - please comment.

(graphs generated by SiteViz, using sitemap files generated by Scrutiny)

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