Sunday 21 June 2015

Surprising SEO results with a personal blog

A small but perhaps very useful enhancement to Scrutiny (in progress right now) is to remove the limited summary here on the SEO results screen (previously it just gave numbers for pages without title / meta description) in favour of a more comprehensive summary:
Screenshot showing Scrutiny's SEO results table plus the new summary text

Bit of a surprise with this one (a personal blog).

Previously with Scrutiny you've had to use the filter button to visit the results for each test in turn. Now the list is just there at a glance and I guess I haven't been very vigilant here - I wasn't aware that blogger don't automatically stick in a description and I guess I've always been too excited about each new blog post to worry about image alt text....

1 comment:

  1. How ironic! I published this post about missing description and image alt tags, without thinking to check these things on this actual post! Some habits are difficult to break!