Monday 19 June 2017

Airfoil Satellite support in Screensleeves

Following some recent updates to Screensleeves I had a request for Airfoil satellite support.

Airfoil Satellite running on your Mac allows you to stream music from another device. Happily the stream contains meta data and Rogue Amoeba (AS's developers) have made that information accessible, so adding support to Screensleeves was a breeze.

So Screensleeves can now display cover artwork, track name, album name and artist name (assuming that the information is provided by the original music source). This will all display within any of Screensleeves' themes. Unfortunately the progress bar and some other details aren't available via Airfoil Satellite at this point, but maybe that will change in future.

The basic Screensleeves and Screensleeves Pro are now available at version 5.4.0  which contains AS support.

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