Tuesday 24 July 2018

Dark mode and Integrity / Integrity Plus / Integrity Pro / Scrutiny

I have to admit that I really love dark mode. It's very easy on the eye and it jarrs a little when you have to look at a web page with a white background.

(Does anyone know whether it's possible for a website to detect a mac's dark mode setting and display a dark version using an appropriate css? Let me know.)

I did naively expect that the OS would simply draw all windows and controls in the dark colours. But it's up to each developer to build their apps under the new SDK. And carefully check for hard-coded colours and unsuitable images within the app.

We're just about there with Integrity / Integrity Plus / Integrity Pro / Scrutiny  and it's been a pleasure to do.  The 'dark mode enabled' version of all of this family of apps will be 8.1.5 (a minor point release, as there are very few functional changes).

[update 26 July 18 and again 8 Aug 18] Scrutiny 8.1.8 is available and looks great under dark mode. Obviously will only look dark on 10.14 with dark mode selected.

[update 30 July 18 and again 8 Aug 18] Integrity, Integrity Plus and Integrity Pro are also available with dark mode enabled. As above, 10.14 is required to see them in dark mode

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