Monday 9 July 2018

Vinyl Shine getting started

Press 'Online' and see whether you see sound waves from your input.

If not, visit your System Preferences > Sound > Input and make sure that the correct device is chosen for input. If an input volume control is available there, make sure that it's set to a suitable level (not quite reaching the peak at the loudest parts of the music).

If you need it, display the graphic equalizer. Enjoy the music.

The Pop filter button will switch the pop filtering on or off.

To capture the processed sound, press the Record button. When you've finished, the same Record button or switching the Online button off will take you into Editing mode.

You can select a region, and use the usual scrolling gestures - left and right to scroll the playhead back and forth, and scroll up and down to zoom in and out on sections of the music (centered on the playhead).

When you save, if a region is selected, the selected region will be saved. Otherwise, all of the sound in the view will be saved. Visit Preferences to choose lossless (.aiff) or AAC (.m4a)

Vinyl Shine for Mac is available here:

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