Wednesday 17 May 2017

Don't we love rules?

I've just Googled 'html5 page structure' to check something. The post that appeared first consists of a very simple code snippet followed by around a hundred comments, some asking questions but mostly asserting an opinion. (none spammy or trolly).

Without wanting to get very deeply into the actual topic itself (and maybe risking the odd comment myself....) a large number of those comments are about whether a section tag is allowed within an article tag and vice versa. It seems that anything goes as far as these two are concerned. But my, don't we love rules?

It reminds me of those areas of cities where the pavement and road have been paved over into one homogenous area. I hate them; surely it's better if there are rules that everyone knows?

It occurs to me that the vast number of relevant comments could be responsible for that post being ranked #1 for such a popular search term. I'm sure there's a lesson there somewhere...

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