Thursday 18 May 2017

Post-apocalyptic life skills : handwriting

Self-service is great, if all goes as planned then it's efficient and easy for both customer and seller. (Though I still resist the self-service tills at my local convenience store - I think I care too much about the 4 or 5 jobs that have clearly gone redundant as a result. Plus - the store is reaping the benefit of the customer doing those ladies' jobs, without paying the customer in any way for doing that job.)

Anyway. When it doesn't go as planned is when the fun and games start.

Today I found myself needing to get back to a customer urgently, but the email address bounced as 'user not known'. Leaving me with a postal address.

The old business-letter-writing skills came back pretty easily; my address on the right, their address below and to the left, sincerely if you know their name, faithfully if you don't etc.

(I'm an old-fashioned kinda girl. Printing off the attempted email and putting that in an envelope wasn't going to happen.)

I was wrong to think that it would be quicker to write the address on the envelope than to work out how to print it on a label or put the envelope through the printer.

I draw a lot, but I don't write very much at all now. My handwriting was never great, it seems to be appalling now. After several practice goes, I got a result that wasn't as hideous as the first ones.

.... then turned it over and found that the address was upside-down! How crap does that look?

I'm not going to be among the survivors after the aliens come and hit us with a big EMP device.

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