Thursday 25 May 2017

When is a link internal.....

Here's an interesting situation.

The website being scanned was  As you can see, the link found during the crawl is a link to a page on . That looks like an external link, and so Scrutiny has marked it as an external link, therefore checked its status but not followed it.

However, it redirects to a url on - so the ultimate destination is an internal one.

There are a bunch of pages which will only be discovered if this link is considered internal.

(the pages are old manual pages - I want them to be orphaned, but that's beside the point...)

The question is - should Integrity and Scrutiny consider that link *internal* (and therefore follow it and discover more internal pages) or *external* (so it's checked but then is a dead end). Remember that the original link is to an external domain.

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